Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is what we need to cultivate because our highly developed brains have forgotten how to attend to what is actually going on in the present moment – our thinking propels itself unchecked, distracting us, distressing us, keeping us stuck in old patterns of perception and feeling that don’t reflect what is happening now, who we are now. So we don’t really experience (and then can’t remember), what is going on around us, what we see, what we hear, who we are with, and we’re not fully living our life.


But by developing the habit of stopping our thoughts – returning our attention to our breath, to our senses, to the here and the now, what is going on right in front of us – we change the way we operate in the world. We simultaneously reduce our suffering – because thoughts of the past and of the future are generally negative, either ruminations of what we wish hadn’t happened, or worries about what might happen – and increase the clarity, the richness, and the enjoyment of our experience.