because when we understand each other better, we can love each other better.
and that, I believe, is what we are here on earth to do.

THINKPRINT: know your mind
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ThinkPrint is a word I made up to describe what I do: help people understand what kind of mind they have.  Your ThinkPrint, like your fingerprint, is unique to you, the result of how your brain is wired up.   Understanding your mind – your strengths, preferences, tendencies and vulnerabilities – enables you to use it more effectively. It’s like having the manual to your particular brain. 

Neuropsychology is the field of science focused on “brain-behavior relationships,” that is, understanding how the structure and chemistry of the brain impacts our feelings, perceptions, and thoughts. As a clinical neuropsychologist, I am trained to identify and address problems with these higher level brain processes.  But while we tend to focus on our difficulties, our wellbeing depends on identifying and understanding our strengths. 

It is most valuable to discover, and direct our energy toward, what comes naturally to us, what we’re interested in and enjoy. We improve our learning by knowing how and what our brain was designed to learn. We increase our chances for success by imagining it and believing in it.

How to be Happier

March 5, 2020

Much of our unhappiness is the result of thinking through the lens of a negative emotion. When we are angry or afraid or irritable, the only thoughts we are able to have are those that are consistent with these feelings. This is how the brain is wired. The only time we can think clearly, seeing Continue Reading

Nobody Learns by Listening

February 24, 2020

Maria Montessori had it right. Children – and adults – learn by doing, not by listening. It is the active engagement in the environment that creates new neural pathways in our brain, which is what learning means. New connections are made only when we act. The belief that children learn by listening is not correct. Continue Reading

Mindfulness as Therapy

December 20, 2019

The practice of mindfulness is as powerful as the best psychotherapy. This is because it has the same purpose but provides more effective tools, tools that have developed over thousands of years of Buddhist philosophy. The purpose of both mindfulness practice and psychotherapy is to ease our suffering by changing our understanding, of ourselves as Continue Reading