When I was in graduate school, many years ago, the field of neuroscience was just emerging, and we knew just a tiny fraction of what we have since learned about the mind-blowingly complex and amazing organ that is the human brain. One thing that stands out is that we now know that the brain is capable of wiring up new neural circuits (that is, learning) forever. We can, literally, change our mind.

Your ThinkPrint, then, while unique to you, can be modified. Although we are born with our genetically determined tendencies and preferences and natural abilities, we can, through our experiences in life, change. We can minimize our challenges and optimize our strengths. We can also reprogram the unhealthy thinking (cognitive), behavioral (executive) and relationship (social emotional) patterns that we have acquired, and develop a clearer perception and a broader understanding of the world and ourselves.

This section includes neuropsychological disorders with diagnostic labels. Because, as a neuropsychologist, I want to help you understand and deal with these if they effect you or someone close to you. But it also includes things that do not have diagnostic labels, because they are part of the human condition and they cause us difficulty. And as a human I want to help you to understand and deal more effectively with these as well. That is why this section is named “challenges.”