“Thank you for giving us such a thorough and informed account of who [our son] is. It has given us a deeper understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, and we now feel better equipped to help him realize his potential. All in all, a very positive experience.”

“Thank you for all you’ve done for us. This offering of your skill and wisdom to help [our son] and all of us related to him is a great gift.”

“Thanks for all the care and expertise you put into [our son’s] evaluation. One of the most valuable ‘takeaways’ for us is that it is important not to ‘dumb’ things down for him, that he needs to be sufficiently challenged to be engaged and perform up to his abilities. We’re so glad we went through this process and would recommend you to anyone looking for a neuropsychological evaluation for their child.”

“When I take time, in those rare quiet moments, to reflect on the positive events and people who have crossed my path, you always surface at the top of the list.”

“Thank you for all your help and guidance – I’ll forever be grateful. You gave me hope when I saw none.”

“Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it! Your kindness as well as wisdom and expertise have all helped me both emotionally and mentally. Your insightful reports have been appreciated and utilized by my doctors… had immeasurable benefit to me.”

“I was very impressed by your skill and sensitivity and astuteness in dealing with us as a family.”

“[Our daughter] got into Northeastern University and accepted by every college she applied to. I attribute her success to your letter. Thanks for all your help.”

“I really appreciate all the work you did for mom and me. I may not have liked the diagnosis, but at least now I have a better handle on things.”

“Thank you for all of your time. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to meet with you and to have you working with [our son]. I’ve heard so many good things about you from numerous people who you have helped. Thanks so much.”

“Thanks so very much for speaking with our teachers. Everyone is still ‘buzzing’ and certainly the children involved are benefiting from the information you shared. I sincerely appreciate the time you sacrificed. Our community has benefited greatly!”

“Thank you for the support and insight you have given us. We feel grateful to have met you and worked with you these past months.”

“Thanks for all you do, especially for children. You are a special lady.”

“Think of you so often and the impact you made on my life and the lives of my children. Thank you and love you.”

“I saw this great card and it reminded me of you.  One short year ago, I did not believe in much of anything good. Medical/mood challenges dictated every moment. But, just as you said, the blessings far outweigh the losses. The fact I can walk, talk, write and laugh are a testament to that. Today isn’t a great day, but I have a ‘tool box’ full of skills and knowledge to positively impact the next day, hour, or even moment. That is huge. So, thank you for all your compassion and caring.”

“Thank you for making my appointments lots of fun and very interesting.”

“Thank you very much for all that you have done for me! You not only helped me to get treated for the Lyme disease, but helped me regain my cognitive abilities, strength, self-confidence and morale.”

“Thank you for your generosity and kindness. We are grateful and very appreciative.”

“A sincere note of appreciation for the highly informative session on Asperger’s Syndrome that you delivered to the Brewster Staff. The information gained will assist the Committee on Special Education in providing effective educational programs for students with Asperger’s Syndrome.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help. You made a big difference – especially in the life of my son.”

“Thank you for your expertise, your understanding and your kindness.”

“Thank you for the time and compassion and giving of yourself in the assist to my life newly defined by Lyme. You have made this quest more bearable and helped me recognize doors open to me – as others closed. Thank you.”

“You have been a very important person in my life by helping me to get through some of the more difficult times by extending your understanding, your time and sincere concern.”

“Thank you for all your support and kindness. You rock!”