Emotional Waves

Emotions tend to rise up and wash over us like a wave in the ocean, taking us temporarily out of control. They can hit suddenly and without warning, sweeping our thoughts and feelings in an entirely different direction than they had been heading a moment before. But, as with ocean swimming, we can learn to navigate this temporary hijacking of our mind, anchoring safely in deeper water until the storm is over. We must stop our thinking, like we stop our swimming and duck under water, because to think or act while angry is not a good idea.

Mood States and Emotion

The Affective system works at two levels – the active processing of our experience – the emotional charge, in the moment, and the background of emotional tone through which we experience things – the mood state. The Affective system puts a positive or negative charge on incoming information and outgoing responses. This charge motivates attention Continue Reading

Neurodiversity & Learning

When I came up with the word “ThinkPrint,” I was speaking to a group of teachers about how to understand the test results from a child’s neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation. I was showing them the graphs of scores of children with different learning and other issues. The different patterns of strength and weakness across the Continue Reading

Some Wonderful Schools

Here are links to some wonderful schools: Franklin Academy:  https://fa-ct.org Green Chimneys: http://www.greenchimneys.org/ Kildonan School:   https://www.kildonan.org Mead School:  https://www.meadschool.org Villa Maria:  http://villamariaedu.org Windward School: http://thewindwardschool.org