because when we understand each other better, we can love each other better.
and that, I believe, is what we are here on earth to do.

THINKPRINT: know your mind
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To Love, To Learn, To Enjoy

August 15, 2018

To love, to learn, and to enjoy. For me, these are the most important things we can do. These are what life is about.  I try to keep these as my compass, to remember to stay focused on these, to keep them as my primary intention, so I don’t lose my way, getting caught up Continue Reading

Neuropsychological Assessment

July 4, 2018

Neuropsychological assessment, when done well, is much more than the administration of a set of tests.  It is a process of information gathering that addresses the child as a whole.  Its purpose is to gain as thorough an understanding as possible of the child’s cognitive, executive, and social emotional strengths and vulnerabilities, in order to Continue Reading

Mood States and Emotion

May 20, 2018

The Affective system works at two levels – the active processing of our experience – the emotional charge, in the moment, and the background of emotional tone through which we experience things – the mood state. The Affective system puts a positive or negative charge on incoming information and outgoing responses. This charge motivates attention Continue Reading