because when we understand each other better, we can love each other better.
and that, I believe, is what we are here on earth to do.

THINKPRINT: know your mind

THINKPRINT {thinjk-print}

n, 1. A framework for understanding individual differences in how we think, learn, feel and behave, based on the brain’s five information-processing systems.  2. The unique set of strengths and balances among these systems that make us who we are. Like a fingerprint, no two are exactly the same.

v, 1. To map out a person’s cognitive, executive, and affective strengths and balances, using neuropsychological assessment, in order to help them improve their learning, mood, functioning, or relationships.

Learning & ThinkPrint

August 2, 2016

Learning problems can be understood in terms of the five ThinkPrint systems:   The Sensory (input) System – The first step in learning is getting information into the brain. A child may have an impairment of vision or hearing, so that information does not get into the brain. Problems with primary Sensory processes, such as Continue Reading

Nourish Your Mind

August 2, 2016

We have more power than we realize to be healthy and happy. How we live, what we eat, and how we think about things all influence our health, both physical and psychological. Mindfulness is a tool for living in the present moment, where we are free from worries about the future and regrets about the Continue Reading

Why Mindfulness?

August 2, 2016

Mindfulness is what we need to cultivate because our highly developed brains have forgotten how to attend to what is actually going on in the present moment – our thinking propels itself unchecked, distracting us, distressing us, keeping us stuck in old patterns of perception and feeling that don’t reflect what is happening now, who Continue Reading